Building OSM Kerala Community

OpenStreetMap was founded by Steve Coast in 2004, in focus to create a Free and Open collaborative editable mapping platform for all like wikipedia. In 2006 Openstreet map foundation was established to encourage the growth, development and distribution of free geospatial data.

Before Kerala Flood


NITC mapping party - October 23-24, 2009

This is the first OSM Mapping Party documented in Kerala, held at National Institute of Technology Calicut. This was in co-operation with the Free Software User Group Calicut (FSUG-CALICUT). 36 Volunteers attended the event.

Trivandrum mapping party - December 12-13, 2009

13 Volunteers attended the mapping party to map the Technopark and adjoining areas of it.

Koorachundu Panchayat Mapathon - July 21-24, 2014

23 Volunteer from OSM community, MG University, Swathandra Malayalam Computingtu attended the mapping party to map the areas of Koorachundu Panchayat, Kozhikode ,Kerala. This was hosted by Panchayat in an aim to prepare a ward level map for the upcomming LSGI election. Koorachundu Panchayat Mapathon was first of this kind that a government body in India (documented) took an initiative to host an event to create a map on a community level. This paved way for many mapping events to happen from government side. Jaisen Nedumpala the then Asst. Secratary in the panchayat and OSM volunteer led the party. Volunteers ark Arjun, Manoj Karingamadathil helped in organising the event.

Unnikulam Mapping Exercise - August 21, 2014

This was organised gaining energy from Koorachundu Panchayat Mapathon. In response to the State Election Commissions instructions, to draw a map of Unnikulam Grama Panchayat with ward boundaries, potential polling booths and other features, a mapping exercise was conducted. Student volunteer participants from a college nearby, surveyed the area upon the instructions of Jaisen Nedumpala. The data collected from field, was processed from grama panchayat office by the volunteers. The data then processed, uploaded to OSM and made a ward map of unnikulamgp grama panchayat, and was duly submitted to the State Election Commission.

OSM Mapping Workshop June 2016 – Vidya Academy, June 18-19, 2016

2 Day Mapping Workshop and Vidya Academy Campus Mapping Conducted on 18,19 June 2016. 56 Students Participated. Mapping Party was Conducted Associated with Vidya Academy - NSS Cell, Veelor Grama Panchayat (Local Government), Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and National Service Scheme - Technical Cell. The Program was Lead byMano.jj Karingamadathil, Jaisen Nedumpala , Kishore. In this Programs experimented to 3d maps and also tree mapping of the campus.

Velur Panchayath Mapping Party - July 20-25, 2016

NSS Unit of Vidya Academy of Science & Technology, Thrissur in association with Velur village panchayat Local Government Body, OSM Kerala and Swathanthra Malayalam Computing conducted a Mapping Party of Veloor is a village and panchayat in Thalapilly taluk, Thrissur district, Keralam 20-07-2016 (Thursday) to 25-07-2016(Monday). It was attempted to map macro level features of panchayath. 170+ NSS Volunters participated.

FSUG Thrissur Mapping Party - August 13, 2017

An outdoor mapping party at Thrissur on 13th of August 2017, conducted by FSUG Thrissur. Important locations near Thrissur Swaraj round will be added and the program will start at 3.00pm.

Nenmanda Mapping Party

After Kerala Flood 2018

During the flood, developers in Kerala came together to make and Both helped a lot during the flood. Both used OpenStreetMap data. - Requests for help were collected, organized and shown in maps for help to reach - A map to see the flooded roads. Useful while travelling

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

During Kerala floods 2018, there were lot of data addition. Kerala community approached to HOTOSM and created tasks for affected region. Road and building tasks were created for Thrissur, Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta, Wayanad, Alleppey, Idukki districts. Community reached out to companies like Microsoft, Grab, Amazon Logistics, Mapbox for support. Maxar Technologies (Digital Globe) released satellite imagery through their Open data program.,_India


OSM Kerala community reached out to Facebook during floods to help mapping in Kerala. Facebook agreed to help. Facebook has released an open dataset of ML detected roads from high resolution imagery for the entire state following a request from the community. Road import was done by the collabarotion Facebook with collabaration with community

FOSSers of Vidya Academy of Science & Technology

Association with FOSSers of Vidya Academy of Science & Technology, HOTOSM, OSM Kerala Community and various organisations doing our first Mapathon for Kerala Flood 2018. Target is to complate 3 taluks Mukundapuram,Chalakkudy and Thrissur. 36 volunteers through registered through google forms. In under 5 hours of working, we were able to do : 4,388 edits , 2,799 buildings , 118 km roads, Map Lakes, Streams, etc.

State of the Map Asia 2018

OSM Kerala community members meet during SOTM Asia 2018 in Nov 2. It was the first time many of the community members met each other. Post SOTM 2018, telegram group which was created during 2016 was activated in November 2018. Kerala Flood Related Presentation featured in National Media

OpenStreetMap Mapathon held at PG centre, Thrissur on Aaron Swartz day.

OpenStreetMap Mapathon conducted on the occasion of Aaron Swartz day on 2019 November 9. FSUG members Ambady Anand S, Manoj Karingamadathil, Siji, Subin Siby, Harish Karumuthil, Athul Raj, Rachna RJ, Joseph ND, Ranjith Panikkal, Reon James, Shyam G Krishnan, Adithyan Pk, Akhil Varkey contributed to map district road in Thrissur Dist areas.

Koorachundu Mapping - December 22-28, 2018

As extention to the previous mapping party held at Koorachundu Panchayath on 2014, the panchayat decided to host another mapping for creating a rich resource map layers. National Service Scheme volunteers from three colleges camped in the panchayat for 22-28 of December 2018. 220 student volunteers were trained to map with OSM. The technical support for the event was provided by OSM Kerala community, Swathantra Malayalam Computing and Geominds. Different features were added to the OSM focussing to add the Place Names , Roads, Lanes, Culverts, Bridges, Land use Land cover, Building Footprints and numbers, Drinking Water Schemes, Forest, Streams, Rivers, Hot springs, Ponds, Public wells, Water tanks, Tourist, Religious and Recreational spots, Irrigation, Public health systems and Other Assets. Places which had floods and Landslides were mapped in the disaster management point of view. Muzirian, Arkarjun, Aruna(OSM India), Manoj Karingamadathil, Manu Krishnan T.V helped Jaisen Nedumpala in organising the Mapping party and training the volunteers.

Floods in 2019

During Kerala floods 2019, mapping for Malappuram and Kozhikode districts started in HOTOSM tasking manager.

Landslides in 2020

During Kerala Landslides 2020, OSM Kerala community started mapping Munnar Panchayat. Due to COVID19 OSM community came together for Virtual meetup.

Reaching out to Kerala Government- Mapathon Keralam Campaign

OSM Kerala community members urgued the need of improvement of OSM data in Kerala post floods in 2018. Community members sumbitted the proposal to release important datasets in Opendata license.Community member User:Naveenpf talked/reached out to Minister Dr Thomas Iaasc, MLAs like Sabarinathan, Veena George, Shafi Parambil, VD Satheesan. Dr Thomas Iaasc asked to contact Potheri Vasudevan Unnikrishnan, Strategic Advisor ,Kerala Development Innovation Strategic Council.

August 28th 2018, Proposal to Kerala government for releasing data for use in OSM - jointly written by community members in OSM Kerala and friends in CIS was submitted to then IT Secretary, IT Mission director and ICFOSS Director. There was a in person meeting then ICFOSS Director Jayasankar Prasad and Naveen Francis on the proposal on September 15. On 16th September 2018, Director Jayasankar Prasad and community member could convince the need to improve OSM then IT Secretary. And he asked the OSM Kerala communty to engage with ICFOSS.

Parallel efforts for creating Kerala Opendata portal was taken up with then IT Mission Director Sambasiva Rao by OSM Kerala community member User:Naveenpf. Sambasiva Director agreed to create Kerala Opendata portal on September 21, 2018.

On Nov 2,2018, OSM Kerala community was invited to take part in ICSET 2018 to present about OpenstreetMap. []. User:Naveenpf presented the ‘Openstreetmap in Education’ during ICSET 2018. IT Secretary was asking students came for ICSET 2018, to edit in Openstreetmap and he also urged the need of good map of Kerala.

On Nov 3, 2018, OSM Kerala community member User:Naveenpf meet with Biju, e-governance engineer Public Works Department. We talked about releasing KSTP data on NH, SH and MDR. On the same day we tried to have in person meeting with KSREC Director.

On the request from the Arun, GIS Head from ICFOSS, Wayanad OSM pilot report was send to Government by User:Naveenpf and User:Muzrian on November 27, 2018. Later for OSM pilot,OSM community created road project and building project for Wayanad. It was created in instance.

OSM Kerala volunteers had travelled to Thrivanathapuram for IT Mission meeting. KSITM KSDI’s Mapathon Kerala project community consultation was held on March 8 2019 2.30PM. It was a OSM Kerala community pre-consultation on crowd Sourcing data for OSM. The meeting was presided by Dr Chitra , Director KSITM. OSM Volunteers attended - User:Manojk,User:Muzirian,User:Jaisuvyas,User:Naveenpf. Link the minutes:-